When browsing the internet I discovered Phoenix-based Upcycle Living, who design and build prefabricated living and work spaces. They take used shipping containers and transform them into high quality, affordable, green buildings.

The containers can be designed for residential, commercial/ industrial and emergency relief use.

In 2008, Jason Anderson, a designer/ builder, and Ashton Wolfswinkel, a real estate professional, were working on a project that required an addition to a home be both affordable and quality in construction. The solution was simple: In lieu of standard, site-built construction, they decided to use modular construction out of used steel shipping containers.

After discovering the benefits of modular shipping container construction, they started Upcycle Living in order to provide people with affordable, quality, green housing options. Many of the manufactured homes in the market today are built very cheaply, have outdated building systems, and are not eco-conscious.

They chose to use shipping containers for 3 main reasons – strong, affordable and mobile.

This image highlights the processes involved in upcycling shipping containers:

This could be a great solution for a growing population and a potential a cheaper and easier way for people to afford their own house.

What do you think?