My good friend and fellow upcycyle collective and irippleidance blogger Michelle has sent me some ideas for upcycling corks as she knows I have quite a lot of them and am in the process of upcycling them into cork placemats.

Here goes…

No. 1 – Upcycled cork bathmat

This looks really cool and is mega practical. However, I would have reservations about using this as a bathmat as would worry it would go mouldy, even if using a sealant. Instead I would use it as a doormat – it would look so welcoming and would be a great talking point! …possibly leading to questions about my drinking habits.

Looking down on this mat would make me smile lots:)

No. 2 – Upcycled corkboard

This is really sweet and practical! There is a great tutorial from the editor Cat who also suggested using a metal clipboard with magnets attached to the corks! Now that is a great idea too.

Going off on a tangent – Cat also has some other inspired upcycling projects to check out including upcycling office cabinet drawers into planters.

Back to the final upcycled cork idea…

No. 3 – Upcycled cork letters

Now this is SO beautiful and possibly the best out of them! I will have to save up some more corks to make this!

Overall, I think they would all be great to make but just need enough corks! Please share if you have/currently are/have future plans of upcycling corks into something awesome, would love to hear what you’ve done!