With the glorious sun coming out, so do the BBQs! yum yum yum!

Mike’s dad Philip is a upcycling enthusiast. One of his projects over the years has been to turn chocolate or biscuit tin boxes into travel-sized BBQs, to take away on camping holidays, use at home and reuse again and again for years. There is no yucky one-use  disposable BBQ in sight! Here is the one that we used over the weekend.

Read on if you want to know how to UIY an old biscuit or chocolate tin into an awesome BBQ.

Things you need

  • a chocolate or biscuit tin box  (i.e. Quality Street, but preferably fair trade but good to put Nestle to a good use if you have been given it)
  • a stanley knife
  • a ruler
  • chicken wire

Upcycling your own BBQ from biscuit tin to kebab cooking extraordinaire is essentially a four step process but ultimately the aim is to create some open ventilation so that the charcoal can be fed with a bit of oxygen..!

Step 1 – Get the tin box and mark a rectangle 1 inch from the bottom. It should have a height of around 2-3cm and a width of 6-8cm. Obviously it depends on the biscuit/chocolate tin but the idea is that when folded the flap should hold a wire mesh with coal quite happily. Do this for each side of your tin – e.g. if you have completely square/rectangle tin then mark on each of it’s 4 sides.

Step 2 – Use the stanley knife to cut into the tin for 3 edges- on the bottom and the two side edges of the rectangle (NOT the top edge as we need this still attached). Remember to do this on each of the 4 sides of the tin.

Step 3 – When the 3 edges have been cut through, then you will need to carefully bend up the metal inside the tin – this will create a ledge for the chicken wire to rest on. Remember to do this on each of the 4 sides of the tin.

Step 4 – Cut your chicken wire to fit inside the tin. Its probably best to have two layers of chicken wire/mesh for added stability.

Viola, your UIY BBQ is complete!

Supplementary items to use the UIY BBQ

  • old grills (from old ovens) or can just use chicken wire again  – that can be placed on top of the BBQ, that are raised by bricks or stones.
  • charcoal (preferrably sustainable UK charcoal -i.e.  ‘WildWood’)
  • matches
  • bricks, large stones – found nearby, to create a platform for the grill to go on top of.
  • tongs

After the BBQ has finished, leave to cool down completely, dispose of the used coals and put the lid on the tin to pack it away.

Happy BBQ-ing!