When walking along the Southbank over the weekend, I came across an exhibit from Southbank Mosaics displayed in a beach hut part of the Southbank Centre. On display were some lovely mosaics of all different sizes and themes. I particularly loved this one of the Thames.

This got me thinking about producing a mosaic made purely from reclaimed materials.

A diversion from the usual Southbank route (due to major improvement works) led me down some steps to small beach to explore (the tide was luckily out at this point). This was my first time beachcombing along the Thames, where I went down onto the south and north side of the river when the tide was out.

I came across this selection of goodies…(much to my brothers disapproval as he offered to carry what I collected, which just kept growing and growing and ended up being quite heavy, oops apologies J)

Lots of lovely chunky pieces of green glass, blue glass, colourful patterned ceramics and broken clay pipes.

Here are some of my favourite finds:

Can you see the piece of pottery that looks like a sailing boat?

I cannot wait to make this into a mosaic (will have to learn first, any offers?) and to go back down and see what else I can find!

(N.B if you are going to go beachcombing along the Thames, please be careful as the tide can come in very quickly, and you could get stranded and very soaked, so please be careful)